Digital Learning Paths - the project

Modern digital didactic resources must be available to safeguard this responsibility of the pupils. To steer self-regulated learning in the right direction, we need a computer-driven learning process, in which the computer provides the didactic material to the student in a well-considered sequence.
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Create your own learning path for your students

Make use of existing learning paths or colaborate with other teachers to create inovative learning paths.
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We invite students to explore learning paths

  • Get to know self-regulated learning
  • Study independently
  • Explore courses, digital learning paths and didactic materials in different technical fields.
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GO! Technisch Atheneum Zavelenberg- Belgium/Brussels
Industrijsko-obrtnicka skola Sibenik - Croatia/Sibenik
Strojarska I Prometna Skola Varazdin - Croatia/Varazdin
CIFP Blas De Lezo LHII - Spain/Pasai San Pedro
Prva tehnicka skola Krusevac - Serbia/Krusevac
Tehnicka skola Vlasotince - Serbia/Vlasotince
Institutul pentru Educatie - Romania/Bucharest
Institoyto Koinonikis Kainotomias Kai Synoxis (Fifty-Fifty) - Greece/Thessaloniki